Acceptable Use Policy

In CryptoVPS we believe in "TRUST" as we will never ask you for strict KYCs like other companies, But there are things you can do which will break our heart terribly?. Here is a list of banned activities on our servers.

CryptoVPS Acceptable Use Policy

The following activities are strictly prohibited. Violation of this AUP will result in termination of your services and the abusive account and the user wont be refunded:

– Terrorism
– Phishing
– Spamming
– Intellectual Property and copyright infringement (Torrent and Copyrighted Material are only allowed On Netherlands Ecatel Servers)
– Obscene Speech or Materials
– Defamatory or Abusive Language
– Forging of Headers
– Distribution of Internet Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, or Other Destructive Activities
– Facilitating a Violation of this AUP
– Adult Material (Legal Adult material is only allowed on NVME Netherlands plans)
– Illegal Activities
– Online Gambling
– HYIP or Ponzi Schemes
– Fraudulent Activities
– Child Pornography
– Distribution of Illegal Drugs/Goods/ Pharma sites
– Using our Servers for Hacking
– Operating applications that are used to mine cryptocurrencies .
– The scanning of foreign networks or foreign IP addresses
– The use of fake source IPs
– Misuse of system resources, such as,cryptocurrency mining or by employing programs that consume excessive network capacity, CPU cycles, or disk IO
Note: Port scanning/Torrent/IRC/Tor Exit Nodes are not allowed on Hetzner servers in all locations.

Netscan Is only allowed on Netherlands/Ecatel Servers.

The customer is 100% responsible for all data stored under his account / control.
By using our services you agree to abide by the laws of the region of service (server location).

Outgoing traffic to ports 25 and 465 are blocked/limited by default on all Hetzner Cloud Servers they are very sensitive to outgoing email so we urge you to use external SMTP If you needed email.On Vultr servers 25 (SMTP), 137, 138, 139 , 445 ,1688 are blocked/limited. The ports abused for DDOS are also blocked.
Note that account funds are not refundable.